Do you suffer from debilitating headaches, wrenching back pain, arthritis, asthma, allergies, insomnia or poor sleep, mood swings, skin conditions or other recurring health issues? Ever wonder's the weather? It's The Weather can help you find out by applying state of the art machine learning, artificial intelligence, and advanced statistical technologies including Random Forest Decision Trees and Microsoft's Computational Network Toolkit to predict the likelihood of any event you specify based upon atmospheric conditions including weather data, pollution reports and allergen concentrations. It's The Weather harnesses thousands of data points from sources that include the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, The National Weather Service, and the Environmental Protection Agency. It also allows including biometric data points from your Microsoft Band or Fitbit, and heart rate data from your Apple Watch and other devices that provide heart rate data to Apple's Health app. Your privacy is always protected. If you've ever wondered if "it's the weather," the app is now available as a free download.

It's The Weather is not just about health issues. It can track any user specified event that interests you including: revenue fluctuations, changes in consumer preferences, variations in demand for goods/services as well as a multitude of agricultural issues.

  1. Once sufficient data has been collected (approximately two weeks’ worth), It's The Weather can issue 4-8 hour predictions. Predictions appear at the top of the Home view.
  2. The predictive ability of It's The Weather improves with time.

  1. Specify the type of Health Event you would like It's The Weather to predict.
  2. Microsoft Band and Fitbit users should select the appropriate item in the biometric options box. It's The Weather will then include biometric data when making predictions. You will be prompted to login to Microsoft Health or Fitbit. If used, the more you wear your device, the better the results. The Microsoft Band is recommended for best results.

  1. To submit data: specify a Health Event intensity, start time, and end time, then press Submit.

  1. Once sufficient data has been collected (approximately two weeks’ worth), It's The Weather can display predictions vs reported results. Data is divided into thirds. The machine learning module then trains on two thirds and tests repeatedly on the remaining third. Results are displayed in a graph.
  2. The predictive ability of It's The Weather improves with time.
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It's The Weather is free and ad-free. We welcome questions and feedback:
A Note from the Developer

I suffer from frequent headaches. For years, I’ve suspected they were caused by the weather or allergies. In early 2016, I decided to find out if I could train a neural network on environmental and biometric data to predict my headaches. I experimented with all sorts of input variables, neural network configurations, and alternative machine learning algorithms. It’s The Weather is the result of my efforts. I’ve been training my version of It’s The Weather since late March 2016 and it really works. I’ve only tested It’s The Weather on headaches but you can use it for any chronic ailment: headaches, arthritis, insomnia, asthma, joint pain, depression, etc. Please try It’s The Weather and let me know how it works for you.

Note: It's The Weather creates personalized predictions based on YOUR inputs and YOUR environmental conditions. Each user has his/her own, private machine learning algorithm trained only on their data. That’s why it takes about two months before It’s The Weather issues meaningful predictions.

My original research was done on a personal computer. Here’s a screenshot of the application before I re-wrote it for iOS and Android:

The graph below illustrates the results of training and testing on about 100 days of data using a Random Forest Classifier machine learning algorithm: